Entwicklung Der Software

Wir spezialisieren uns auf die Analyse, Design, Programmierung, Implementierung und Wartung von Informationssystemen für Industrie, Gewerbe und Regierungsorganisationen, auf Web- und mobilen Plattformen, unter CMMI-Zertifizierungsstandards.



System that allows the timely and detailed follow-up of the Public Works projects of a State or Municipality.It has a mobile application for real-time registration of supervisions.

Hospital Administration

System for the administration of electronic clinical records and administrative management of hospitals, clinics and clinics. System that allows to carry out a punctual follow-up for each patient event.

Water Service Organisms

System that covers all the processes of a water operator, generating the traceability of each one of the processes from the commercial, administrative and accounting records, as well as the different kinds of budgetary effects.


Web system of information management that allows to automate the business practices associated with the operative and productive aspects of a company.

Visit Control System

System for the control and monitoring of visits to companies, clusters, industrial parks, etc. Web and mobile system that allows the registration of appointment request, authorization and monitoring of them, optimizing the capture times and validation of visitor identification data.


Web and mobile system that allows efficient ordering in restaurants, saving time in the service, avoiding errors and improving the quality of customer service. The application also has a complete platform for the administrative control of your restaurant.

Government Administration

The system covers all the processes of a municipality, generating the traceability of each one of the administrative, accounting and budgetary processes.

Electronic Billing

System that offers control, organization and optimization in the invoicing processes, by complying with the legal requirements, guaranteeing the authenticity of its origin and the integrity of its content, by means of electronic security certificates and that also includes the stamping by a Supplier Authorized by the SAT.

Development to measure, Web and Mobile Applications

We develop custom software for companies with specific needs. We offer a different solution, development and implementation for each company. We specialize in the development of:

- Mobile applications - Android and IOS

- Web and client / server applications

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